Kaleidoscope as an illustration of achieving unity in diversity

Kaleidoscopes seem universally appealing, enthralling men and women, children and adults from various cultures. Berthelot Consulting uses images from this delightfully creative toy to symbolize a value we call "Unity in Diversity." Achieving Unity in Diversity gives any organization, business, or community "Kaleidoscopic Power."

A fine kaleidoscope is created with various shapes and colors of glass brought together in a harmonized whole. Uniformity would be boring. The greater the variety, the more glorious the result. Yet, without the reflective prism and unifying container, you’d have only odd bits of broken glass. The beauty of kaleidoscopes requires both diversity and unity, reflection and action.

So it is with human relations. To grow in what Dr. Dolly Berthelot calls "Kaleidoscopic Power," as an organization, a school, a church, a synagogue, a temple, a business, a community, a nation, or a world, we must commit to and strive for the ideal of Unity in Diversity. And achieving Unity in Diversity will require both serious reflection (critical and creative thinking, introspection, evaluation of self and others, lifelong learning) and intentional action.

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