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Delight customers, enhance work and life,
and contribute to the common good.

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Dr. Dolly’s creative mastery of writing, editing, interpersonal, group, and public communication and of adult teaching and training has spawned multiple innovations. Favorites include her quirky little book PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable For All Ages, her related “SELFSHAPES” and RELATIONSHAPES,” (self analysis and teambulding tools using geometric shapes), and her “Mine Your Memories,” strategies to prospect for, capture, and craft life stories.

She enjoys doing a variety of writing and editing projects, advising/coaching individuals and small groups, fostering unity within diversity, and deepening community.

Dr Dolly/Berthelot Consulting work is custom tailored and guaranteed to serve each client’s needs. Services are offered via email and telephone as well as in person. Dr Dolly sees clients by appointment in her Pensacola, FL home office or at a mutually agreed upon site, including those in other easily accessible areas of the United States, and perhaps beyond.

PERFECTLY SQUARE: A Fantasy Fable for all ages


Since the mid 1980s, Dr. Dolly Haik-Adams Berthelot and Dr. Ronald Joseph Berthelot,
Berthelot Consulting principals, have produced guaranteed results. Their complementary perspectives offered a unique and beneficial synergy. She's a human communication specialist and writer; he was a quality and industrial training leader. The small firm has been on medical hiatus since Dr. Ron’s decline and 2012 death. In 2013, Dr. Dolly is now back in action, with emphasis on her side of the Berthelot equation, from human issues like team building, diversity, and conflict management, which are essential to quality in all organizations and all relationships, to writing and editing for multiple client purposes, professional and personal, briefs to books.

Mine Your Memories™ focuses on using life experiences, memoirs, and histories for each client’s personal or professional purposes. Within MYM, Dr. Dolly helps individuals, businesses and organizations understand the broad value and specific benefits of life story sharing and life writing to achieve goals such as spiritual growth, wisdom, and healing; producing powerful memoirs for a unique legacy; honoring and humanizing family, ancestors, business owners or founders; and enhancing human relations--fostering healthy unity in diversity, effective teamwork, and deep community. If you'd like a top professional to write your stories or to help you do it better yourself, consider Dr. Dolly's options for expert private guidance, interviewing, writing, editing, facilitation, and training services.

Satisfied clients include businesses (Fortune 500 companies and smaller), organizations (educational, medical, mental health, religious, professional), publishers, writers, genealogists, and other individuals seeking world class communication and writing services and powerful personal and professional growth experiences.

Interested? Please check out pages most pertinent to your needs, then get in touch. E-mail is best: drdollyb@gmail.com. Or call (850) 375-4287 for a brief chat, no charge. Dr Dolly looks forward to exploring with you.

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