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Creating Unity Within Diversity Program, World Future Society General Assembly

World Future Society General Assembly July 14-18, Washington, D.C. FutureVision: Ideas, Insights, and Strategies

July 16, 10:30 a.m. Dr. Dolly Berthelot: "Creating Unity Within Diversity--Moving From ME to WE," PERFECTLY SQUARE book signing 3 p.m.

Program synopsis by the presenter:
Creating unity within diversity--moving from ME to WEtm
--is the great challenge--and opportunity--of our era. It is vital to our future, a future that requires the best of each of us, contributing to all of us. In work and in life, we'll need all the "Kaleidoscopic Powertm" we can muster. Beyond all our techie toys, Kaleidoscopic Power requires us to appreciate our uniqueness and our universality, and use both for our common good. Unity within diversity rarely happens accidentally; neither ignoring it nor forcing it works. In a pluralistic organization or community, cohesiveness must be intentionally created, fostered in a spirit of mutual respect, (admittedly risky) open communication, and continuous improvement. We can learn to achieve that which may not come naturally. In an increasingly interdependent world, we must learn. Stories can help us succeed: imaginative stories--myths, children's tales, and fables like my PERFECTLY SQUARE--and stories based on real experience. This lively talk and participative activity will provide relevant insights, strategies, and experiences.

"Dr. Berthelot's presentation at our l995 Annual Conference drew rave reviews and her book sold out in our bookstore. Both her subject matter and her interactive presentation style struck a chord with our audience, and we've invited her back this year for a bigger session."
Robert M. Schley, program director, World Future Society

FutureVision: Ideas, Insights, and Strategies will bring more than 1500 scientists, researchers, educators, and business and government leaders to the Washington Hilton July 14-18. Topics range from science, technology, and the environment to education, families, and health.

The World Future Society is a nonprofit scientific and educational association with 30,000 members and subscribers interested in possible social and technological developments in the years ahead.

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For other WFS info contact Susan Echard or Robert Schley at WFS 800/989-8274 or 301/656-8274 or click on WFS.

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