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How You Can Participate  


Dr. Dollyís workshops, such as Building Unity in Diversity, SELFSHAPES/RELATIONSHAPES, Story Sharing LIFELINKS and WORKLINKS, can be brought to your preferred site anywhere in the world. Alternatively, these creative workshops and others for professional and organizational development and personal growth will be arranged for you on the beautiful NW Florida beaches of the Emerald Coast (Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Navarre, Destin) or in the charming historic district of Pensacola. Retreats for your groupís envisioning, goal-setting, decision making, problem solving, planning, and conflict management will also be custom designed for you and expertly facilitated by Dr. Dolly, at your site or on Pensacola, Navarre, or Destin Beaches, or in downtown Pensacola, about 3 ½ hours from New Orleans. Some Unity in Diversity learning materials are also available for your review and self use. Team building, conflict management, and influencing change are included in Berthelotís extended Unity in Diversity programs.  


One of Dr. Berthelotís initiatives, which anyone who likes can get involved in immediately, is wearing and sharing plaid ribbons to promote the Unity in Diversity ideal and stimulate public discourse. Any color, shape, or style is fine--just variety and intersecting lines are important. 

CommUNITY Dialogues is her more substantive initiative. Her original multi-team process design and seminars were successfully piloted in Pensacola last year. The CD process can be set up for your organization or community to be led and facilitated by Dr. Dolly or by locals she trains and guides to manage your process from within.  


Please share stories related to Unity In Diversity. Have you witnessed or experienced troubling symptoms of a lack of Unity in Diversity? Have you felt personally isolated, alienated, discriminated against, unfairly treated or stereotyped? Have you become aware of bias or prejudice in your own thoughts or behavior? In your organization? What have you done or are you doing to address and correct that? Have you made personal progress toward greater Unity in Diversity--in your own life, work, organization, community? What are your visions for Unity in Diversity, and what are you doing about them? Your personal life stories or business or organizational stories of challenge and/or triumph may exemplify and illuminate any aspect of Unity in Diversity. Weíll also consider such stories, plus articles, research, and other professional material from other diversity and human relations professionals, trainers, teachers, professors, scholars, and concerned citizens from throughout the U.S. and the world.  

Please limit your submissions to 200 words, and include your correct name, real home or work address, and any relevant identifying facts, plus your email address.  

Although your full identity is required for submissions to be considered, we will honor your request to remain anonymous in our web or print publications. Otherwise, sources will be identified at our discretion. Dr. Berthelot or her representative reserves the right to select, edit, and adapt materials for congruence with the UiD purpose and adherence to high professional communication standards. Your words may help others achieve Unity in Diversity! 

Please submit your Unity in Diversity stories, research,  and thoughts to Your questions on diversity or communication  may also be sent to Dr. Dolly. She may provide brief free advice on line or by email.


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