Wear & Share

To Foster Unity In Diversity

Any plaid ribbon can be used as a powerful new symbol of unity in diversity. Plaid is a both-and rather than either-or proposition. Plaid is both diverse and interconnected. Both the variety of line and color and the relationships between them are essential. Plaid designs are infinitely variable, yet universally recognizable. So it is with human beings; each is unique and universal.
  • To show your appreciation for human diversity and your commitment to our common good, please wear a plaid ribbon.
  • To spread the vision of unity in diversity, simply share pieces of ribbon and this message with other people--the more the better.
  • To multiply benefits, we ask businesses, organizations, religious and educational institututions to supply ribbons internally and to the public, and to urge others to stand up for unity in diversity.

What could be easier? If you believe fostering unity in diversity is vital, and that a prominent symbol of that ideal has value, wear your plaid proudly, daily. Stimulate positive Unity In Diversity discourse. Encourage--and enable--others to join the Plaid Brigade--in your organizations and in your community. Promote Plaid Power!

This national Unity In Diversity initiative is being piloted in Pensacola, FL. To learn more, contact Dr. Dolly Berthelot, CommUNITY Dialogues Director, (850) 375-4287, email drdollyb@gmail.com or call Eugene Brown, Director, Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission, (850) 434-2431. You may copy this flyer whole, with proper credits included. Background info? Web site CommUNITYTM Dialogues