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Writer As Shape Shifter--
For Love and Money

From inverted pyramids to PERFECTLY SQUARE--and more...

A writer writes. Some may say "I write poetry," another, "I write magazine articles." Yet another, "I do business writing, quality and policy manuals, training programs, speeches, workshops, public relations..."

I do all that, plus r�sum�s, personal essays, histories of individuals, organizations, businesses--whatever my clients need and whatever I am personally driven to do. Some pieces have been published under my byline, and shared around the world. Some of the most lucrative work is known only by the client that hires me to do it--or help him/her/them do it. Some remains private, just for me now, and perhaps forever.

Though writing may take many shapes, it is all the same stuff, a magically creative synthesis of words, mind, and heart, ever-changing yet intrinsically the same.

Our world-view is too often narrow, shallow, myopic, tunnel-visioned, dualistic. I am fiercely devoted to a kaleidoscopic, multi-disciplinary, multi-genre, multi-cultural perspective, to both breadth and depth. As Keats insists, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." Beauty and truth are not limited to rigid boxes and boundaries. Why should writers be?

Like many creative souls, I've been a shape shifter all my life, perpetually transforming: technical/corporate wordsmith, public relations/ marketing, newspaper and magazine feature writer, fanciful fable-maker, shaper of tales true and imagined, meticulous editor, motivating teacher/guide.

Writing since elementary school, I was hired by a daily newspaper at 16, and have continued writing--for love and money--for decades. No matter what else I might have been doing, I have continued stuffing poetry in files and journals under beds, publishing, teaching writing, helping individuals write better, writing (and sometimes photographing) for magazines and businesses.

Pioneer Spirit 76 Pioneer Spirit 76, E. Tennessee's official Bicentennial book and the first quality publication of the region, incorporates its best writers and photographers. I edited, designed, and published the magazine-format book, contributing articles and photos, including the cover quilting feature. Thousands of copies were purchased by the National Parks Commission and major companies (as well as individuals). More recently, my unique little book PERFECTLY SQUARE, a Fantasy Fable For All Ages and related activities synthesize three decades of leadership in change, diversity, creativity, and teamwork. I've taught various kinds of writing from grade seven through graduate levels (and continue, privately), edited daily newspapers and books, and appeared in such publications as Family, Image, Southern, Louisiana Life, Equid Novi, Training & Development, Quality Progress, Emerald Coast Review, and Pensacola Magazine.

Quality ProgressTo other writers and writer wannabes I say try many forms and genres, blur boundaries, don't assume that this is "creative" and that "practical." Remain open to possibilities. Write for yourself and for others. Write for love and for money. Reality is rarely an either/or proposition.
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